apprentice_piece_04Skilled labour can be difficult to find, particularly for a company like us that needs employees with a depth and breadth of experience and skill that is uncommon. We find that our best employees are those who have trained with us and gained their experience in the varied melting pot of work and demands that come our way. So our apprenticeship scheme is key to us building and passing on the skills we have developed using home grown talent. We have a very low turnover of staff and most of our skilled staff are White Bros trained.

Every year we take on apprentices who are put through a training course with Rolls-Royce (formerly Vickers Training). We have succesfully worked in partnership with Rolls-Royce for many years.

The training centre provides a bridge between school and the workplace giving the new pre-apprentice a sound basic training in the required engineering skills and health & safety in controlled environments. It also gives time to reflect on their chosen path before commencing full employment.

After successfully gaining employment at White Bros, the apprentices’ progress is then regularly monitored over the four year period of their apprenticeship by the Rolls-Royce assessor working closely with the apprentice’s management mentor.

In addition White Bros has with Rolls-Royce training developed it’s own apprentice review board which meets bi-annually. The purpose of this board is to allow the apprentice, the company and Rolls-Royce to freely discuss the individual’s progress.

We now believe that with the assistance of Rolls-Royce training we have one of, if not the best quality sheet metal apprenticeship schemes on Tyneside.